Infertility can be an emotionally exhausting condition and very often goes unexplained.  REFLEXOLOGY may help prepare your body for conception by ‘kick starting’ the body’s endocrine system, balancing hormones to help ovulation and to create the best body ecology to help achieve a viable pregnancy.

Each treatment protocol is tailored to your cycle or any specific issues that you may have:

Menorrhagia; abnormally long and/or heavy bleeds.

Polymenorrhoea; frequent bleeding with a gap of fewer than 21 days between periods.

Amenorrhoea; no periods or they have stopped for more than 6 months.

Oligomenorrhoea; infrequent bleeding with gaps of more than 35 days between bleeds.

Dysmenorrhoea; painful periods.

PMS; a combination of cyclical, physical, emotional & psychological symptoms

PCOS; benign cysts on the surface of the ovary which can interfere with ovulation.

Endometriosis; a condition where endometrial tissue grows outside the uterine cavity

Fibroids; benign growths that develop in the uterus and can affect levels of fertility

We work to generate balance in your cycles with lots of help and advice on diet and lifestyles changes you can implement yourself to help ease some of these symptoms.  Stress is a big factor in most cases, reflexology gives you some all-important ‘me time’.

I work with a lot of women trying to help with cycle anomalies and other conditions and all too often after months of ‘trying’ we find there appears to be a problem with the partners sperm health.  That’s why  I encourage both partners to have Reflexology treatments as sperm take about 3- 4 months to mature, potential fathers need to be health conscious too, so that they can produce healthy sperm at that all important time of the month. Male fertility testing tends to fall into three main categories; Structural or Physical, Hormone Imbalances and Sperm Abnormalities. A poor semen analysis is usually the first sign of anything untoward so I would always refer to a good andrologist and monitor any medical interventions. If there is an issue I would typically treat for at least three months before seeing a change in results in sperm quality.