Hypnotherapy is a very safe form of natural therapy. Contrary to popular belief the client always maintains total control with the therapist merely acting as a guide to accessing the individual’s unconscious mind. Anyone can experience a trance state if they want to. This is when mental focus is more limited, more absorbed and often directed internally and is more available for interaction as the conscious mind is less dominant at this time.

The unconscious mind is the part of you that makes sure you keep breathing and keeps you safe, well and alive. Negative behaviour patterns can be learned throughout life through the conscious mind, often at an early age or at a difficult time. Once these patterns are recognised I can then focus on how to assist the client to develop new positive behaviours rather than repeat old outmoded negative behaviour patterns.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP was developed by Dr Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder in the early 70’s and enables you to explore the connection between language, physiology and reality. NLP will give you a greater understanding of what motivates others and in turn you can learn how to work on yourself to change your responses and overcome limiting beliefs. NLP is immensely powerful in contexts such as therapy and coaching allowing you to make positive changes at an unconscious level so that you can experience excellence in all areas of your life!

Life Coaching

The Coach’s role is to help the client to discover the questions they need to ask themselves to uncover their own strengths and resources. We then set clear and achievable goals to overcome any restrictions that may be standing in the way of you having a future that is both compelling and achievable. We always encourage you to become the best coach that you could possibly have in life. By using a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching you can get in touch with what you really want out of life and make those changes which at first may not have seemed possible.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching when used together may help when dealing with issues such as:

  • Addictions – Phobias – Low Self Esteem
  • Allergies – Mental Health Issues – Smoking Cessation
  • Anxiety – Motivation – Stress
  • Lack of Confidence – Panic Attacks – Weight Issues/Eating Disorders