I love EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) I trained with the best; Emma Roberts and Sue Beer founders of the EFT centre.  It’s one of those quirky therapies that often works when nothing else will!  It uses light tapping of acupressure points on the body and the repetition of certain prescribed phrases to effect rapid emotional and behavioural changes and shifts in energy. The beauty of it is I can teach you to use it on yourself when you need it.  My job is to be an emotional detective, to help release past trauma so that you can live in the here and now. I use a combination of EFT, NLP and sometimes hypnosis to help you to reduce stress and increase feelings of calm and relaxation, restoring emotional wellbeing.

What can EFT help with?

  • Addictions/Eating disorders/Weight issues
  • Anxiety/Panic attacks
  • Fears/Phobias/OCD
  • Low Self Esteem/Confidence issues
  • Trauma & Loss
  • Relationship issue/Sexual abuse
  • Fertility issues/ Pain relief

Research shows that behind 85% of illness there is some unresolved negative emotion or unresolved trauma that can be a major contributor to physical pain and disease.  Accordingly you can apply it to just about anything – I often use it on myself.

Download the Emotional Freedom Technique card here.