My 13 year old son has been suffering with ME for 3 years, we have had many ups and downs, put our lives on hold for months at a time when he crashed, and when he was well we lived one day at a time waiting for the next crash. Over the last term he had been at school part time, and whilst he was coping with day to day life he was not been living the energetic, carefree life a 13 year old should!  After the first session with Norah I could see that he was more positive and happy in himself and he got to sleep within 10 minutes of getting into bed when it had consistently taken him an hour and a half. On the second day he went to school after the morning session, and again on day 3, followed by 3 full days at school, football training, a match on Saturday and he was still bright and breezy by Sunday!! He has been to school full time this week, the first full week he has managed in months. Now, 7 weeks on, he has attended school full time, played football for his team every week and went on some great trips at half term. Norah has helped give my son his life back and given him the tools to live the life he loves, he can do the things he wants to do without the worry of it making him ill. He knows he is in control now and not the ME and he has not looked back.
GD Gloucestershire

There can be nothing worse than watching helplessly as your child spends day after listless day sitting, gazing, unseeing at the television; too ill to go to school; too ill to do anything. When Henry was diagnosed with CFS it was almost a relief to have a name put to his illness and immediately we started to look into how we could help him.  We contacted Norah who talked to us and Henry decided that he would do anything to get better.  The results were incredible and after the first session we could see a difference. By the end of the week we watched in amazement as Henry spent a whole day at school. His friends were thrilled to see him and his teachers couldn’t believe the difference. Henry had lost the grey pallour that he had had for months and when he started cracking jokes, we remembered the sense of humour that was developing when he became ill. Three years later, Henry is a fit, healthy, happy 14 year old who loves school and life. There is nothing he can’t do and we are so grateful that there are people who can help people like Henry. We’re endlessly grateful, particularly to Norah who has always been there to help us through any blips. 
HC’S Mother Surrey

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a leaflet about Norah after a floatation session that revealed how totally stressed I was. I figured I had nothing to lose and so I contacted her. Very quickly, my weekly chats with Norah became like a ray of sunshine in my diary, something that I always looked forward to, despite sometimes talking about some upsetting issues. Time spent with Norah felt like an investment I was making in myself and I can 100% vouch for how that investment has now paid off.  Norah helped me explore difficulties I was having with regards to my relationship towards food and also towards my career and the sort of life I wanted to lead but seemed to be floundering to achieve. I firmly believe that thanks to Norah I have changed the unhealthy relationship I had with food and what’s more, I am equipped to notice and deal with any set backs that may occur in the future. In addition, I’m embarking on a new phase in my career due to the focus and direction Norah allowed me to access within myself. This is having a positive affect upon my relationships with family and friends and how I feel about myself in general.  I have recommended Norah to a friend of mine and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone else who feels that they are stuck or stumbling in any aspect of their life, personal or professional. Keeping Norah’s card with her contact details on where I can see it on a daily basis is helping me – I know I can look her up in the future and spend time with her if I need someone to help me work out an issue or to make some sort of plan. Knowing Norah is there when I need her and on my side makes me feel than nothing is insurmountable. 
VB Tooting

I had been really ill for 6 months and missed loads of school when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). My mum was told about Norah and in the October just after my 11th birthday I went to see her.  After the first session I felt really positive and my mum and dad took me out for lunch and for the first time in ages I enjoyed a meal. After the 2nd day I spent the whole day at school and everyone was really pleased to see me and said I looked much better.  Now I am 14 and have just finished my first year at boarding school which I really love. I do anything I want to and it’s horrible to think what my life could still be like if I hadn’t done it and I’m so pleased that Norah could help me change my life and then I could get better.
HC Surrey