I’m a complementary therapist; Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, NLP and EFT, Fertility Coach and HypnoBirthing Practitioner & Reproductive Reflexologist.

As a coach I give my clients a calm and relaxed space whether at clinic or my home clinic to explore their emotions; helping them release any negative behaviours that are getting in the way of what they want to achieve and always at their own pace.  This allows them to be clear about what they want and how they are going to achieve it. I am passionate about helping people change, there have been times in my life when I really wish I had had the right help and guidance to help me through.  I didn’t get to be a Mum so I am particularly sensitive to my client’s needs around miscarriage, bereavement, loss and failed IVF cycles as this is so seldom talked about and tends to be a taboo subject. 

When I was going through some health issues of my own I loved having reflexology, it’s such a powerful non-invasive therapy, I was so curious about all the points on the feet and how they linked to the organs in the body. I trained as a reflexologist and then a Reproductive-Reflexologist because it combines beautifully with my fertility coaching; some clients may start with coaching and follow on with reflexology or have combined sessions. Some working relationships with clients span many years, and many births, which is an absolute joy for me.

My background was in fashion for over 25 years at all levels, buying, design & manufacturing and finally my own business as a fashion reporter and forecaster.   Nowadays when I’m at home I’m usually in my garden or being creative in the kitchen, cooking up something new, experimenting with different ingredients and flavours. As a ‘bit of a foodie’ it seems unfair that I should have developed dairy and gluten intolerance, most probably due to the impact stress had on my body!  I attended LEITH’S school of food and wine several years ago and qualified in ‘Nutrition for Culinary Practice’ and am happy to give you some tips on healthy eating from Norah’s Kitchen.

I have been in practice for almost 20 years bringing a wealth of experience and a heap of self-help tools to enable my clients to manage any crisis no matter how big or small so that they leave feeling relaxed, calm and confident and in control of their emotions, restoring balance and harmony to the way they want to live their lives. There are too many diplomas, certificates and workshops attended to list them all so I’ve listed the trainings that stand out for me.


Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coach & Master NLP practitioner – ECHM, Phil Parker phd

Reflexology & Bach Flower Remedies – Philip Salmon & Anna Jeoffroy

Pregnancy Reflexology, Reflexology for Menopause – AOR

EFT level 1,2 & 3 – The EFT Centre founder members Emma Roberts & Sue Beer

Fertility2Birth & HypnoBirthing practitioner – Juliet Hollingsworth

Conversational Hypnotherapy – Mind Training Systems

Reproductive Reflexologist – Barbara Scott, Author of Reflexology for Fertility

Certificate in Menopause Support – Kim Thomas

Nutrition for Culinary Practice – Leith’s School of Food & Wine

Fertile Body practitioner – Sjanie Hugo

EasyBirthing practitioner – Sharon Mustard

I am a member of The Association of Reflexologist (AOR), The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR) and The British Institute of Hypnotherapist (BIH), fully insured and have a CRB certificate.