Weight Management Programme


Does dieting rule your life? Are you sick of obsessing about food? Do you sabotage your own success when you get close to your target weight?

Would you like to ...

  • Learn how to release negative thoughts about yourself and your body?
  • Learn how to eat when you’re hungry?
  • Learn how to be normal around food?

What food do you crave? What ‘triggers’ that irresistibility feeling? Learn how to eliminate those addictions when you need to!

We can all feel a bit low at times and may turn to food for comfort, you may have relationship-issues that are getting you down, work-related stress can also be a major factor! Maybe you’re struggling to get your shape back after having a baby? Before we blame food entirely let’s look at the behaviours behind the overeating. You may lack motivation to make changes on your own. Diets don’t work if we don’t change our mind set to match.

I have devised this coaching programme which includes x6 sessions with me over a period of 9 weeks, using a combination of hypnotherapy & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) together with a food journal to help you establish more positive and sometimes new eating patterns, putting you back in control of what and when you eat.

Did you put your weight on overnight? The answer is probably ‘no’ so to put you on the road to a new you I have reduced the price of normal sessions to enable you to benefit over a period of time so that you get lasting and effective change. (X6 sessions for the price of x5) There is no such thing as a quick fix! I include a reading list of helpful books on diet and nutrition from the experts with lots of healthy recipes and ideas of what to eat and when so that your body naturally burns fat. I am with you every step of the way and together we can create realistic and achievable goals.

If weight isn’t your issue but you have fallen out of love with yourself, maybe you’re constantly berating yourself? Maybe you feel your life is somehow unfair, blaming yourself for not being good enough? Maybe you have experienced bullying at home or work that has left you feeling a lack of self-confidence. Maybe you have recognised that you have an eating disorder that you’ve been keeping a secret? We often develop negative habits that can affect our self-worth. Learn to change how you feel about yourself and get out of that self-destructive loop. Learn to re-connect to what makes you fabulous and start living a life you love. Talk to someone who really listens to you, no interruptions, no judgements.

E-mail today for an evaluation sheet to ensure this is the right package for you, info@norahjanebrasington.com



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