Relationship Relief Programme


It’s been my experience to work with people trapped in deeply unhappy relationships for years. Sitting at the crossroads of change as indecision adds to your misery, it can quite literally tear you apart, leaving you feeling like you’ve lost something deep inside that can make you ill! Or you may have distanced yourself from your own family due to a family fall-out?

  • Maybe you’re staying because of the children, waiting until the next birthday, Christmas or exams have passed because you can’t possibly leave then?

  • Maybe your partner did something that you just can’t forgive so you feel angry and resentful?

  • Maybe you hate the thought of being alone so you stay because you’d rather have someone than risk having no-one?

  • Maybe you’re partner just doesn’t want children and you’ve invested so much time in the relationship already, you stay in the hope that they will change their mind?

  • Maybe you can’t cope with the children and feel overwhelmed with your life/work balance?

  • Maybe you’re holding on to some deep seated unresolved issues with your parents that is affecting your relationship with your own family? 

During our sessions we look at the onset of the decline of the relationship, the unspoken words, and emotional triggers that keep you in the cycle of indecision. Are you fooling yourself that it’s not that bad, or are you regretting a wasted life? Are you trying to please other people by meeting their needs and wants while suppressing your own? Can we mend it, can we maintain it with a few adjustments or, in the last resort do you leave? Do you bridge that gap and forgive? Doing nothing is a self-defeating option.

There is no right answer! You can never get it right in everyone’s eyes you can only trust yourself and follow your heart and release yourself from the burden of indecision! Break up doesn’t have to mean break down! Learn to relax and be true to yourself, step in to your true potential and choose who you really want to be, take courage and start your journey today! A combination of Hypnotherapy, coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) together with support from me, can help you discover who you really are and help you take responsibility for fully living a meaningful life with those around that love you! 

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