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What is reflexology?  


Reflexology is a holistic therapy that incorporates specific pressure techniques applied to the feet or hands to activate the body’s own healing power.


It is one of the most accessible forms of alternative therapy. It is both old and new. From ancient texts, illustrations and artefacts we know that the early Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians, Egyptians and Native Americans worked on the feet to promote good health. 


Today many of these same techniques have been developed into a modern scientific method known as reflexology.


A long established principle between modern and ancients is that there are energy zones or meridians that run throughout the body. The body’s organs and glands are also mapped out in miniature on the feet and represented by reflex points.


The reflexologist stimulates more than 7000 nerve endings when applying slight pressure to the feet and encourages the opening and clearing of neural pathways to allow natural healing.


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