Mojo Reclamation Package


First let’s define MOJO! The dictionary definition is; a small sack that holds a lucky or magic charm! Nowadays we use it to describe your; self-confidence, self-esteem, personal magnetism, sex appeal or inner charm!

How do you know you’ve lost your mojo?


  • You gained a few pounds and went from a small to a medium or large?

  • The only sales you look at are for your children?

  • You go out shopping and nothing pleases your critical eye?

  • Your favourite hairstyle is your hair scraped back in a rubber band?

  • Your favourite clothes are jeans and a Tee -shirt?

  • You’re paying for a gym that you haven’t seen since the day you joined?

  • You hate your job but it takes too much effort to make a change?

  • You can’t remember the last time you got dressed-up to go out?

  • You avoid going to the school gates because you think all the other Mum’s look better than you?

If you’ve answered yes to more than 4 of the above it’s time to reclaim your mojo, your health, your self- esteem and inner charm. It’s not just about finding a new lipstick or making an appointment at the hairdresser although that’s always a good start. Let’s start on the inside and finish on the outside.

I’ve devised the ultimate 'Mojo Reclamation Package’ of x3 one to one sessions with me at one of my south London clinics followed by a x3 hour session in your own home where we will look at your true beauty potential, re-connecting you with your fabulous you!  This will include a colour and style consultation including make-up, wallet and swatches with your colours and a personalised style workbook, followed by some wardrobe weeding getting rid of the has-beens and making way for the new!

During our sessions we look at the emotional triggers that got you to where you are now, this could be a number of things like; divorce, children, no children, career change, work related stress, bereavement and loss – the list is endless. Then we look at confidence building and ultimately defining your true future potential! This is topped off by the ultimate pamper package!  Remember getting your ‘Mojo’ back needs some effort but you’ve got me on your side helping you see things from a fresh angle, setting realistic and achievable goals! While your family is important - you are important too and you’re allowed to have some well -deserved Me-Time!

I combine my skills of hypnotherapy, life coaching, NLP and EFT together with years of experience in the fashion industry to give you the ultimate image consultation that you truly deserve! Call now on 07798694077 or visit my website



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