Fertility & Natural Birth Programme


Fertility by Hypnosis

If you are struggling with fertility issues, if you are considering IVF or are already in a cycle let me help you increase your chances of success. Using hypnosis to aid conception has proven results, increasing success rates of IVF from under 20% to over 50%.

This is a delicate and vulnerable time, I will treat you as an individual, I’m compassionate about your needs and will be with you every step of the way. 25% of infertility is still unexplained which means there could be some emotional blocks going on so combining EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and hypnosis can be very effective. You’ve probably gone to great lengths to keep your body free of toxins by keeping to a healthy eating plan but this can all be destroyed if you allow destructive thoughts, anxiety & stress and negative behaviours to change this fragile environment needed for you to conceive. Together we can transform fearful energy into a constructive and powerful force complementing any medical procedure.


HypnoBirthing is becoming increasingly popular and is now becoming more accepted by hospitals and midwives.

Studies conclude that hypnosis can encourage and reduce the use of pain relief and medical/surgical intervention. I am not offering a ‘pain-free’ childbirth, but positive suggestions and a relaxed state can encourage a calm, comfortable and natural birth. The aim is to shorten the length of labour and reduce pain levels dramatically whilst releasing all the fears (again EFT can be used here) associated with birth and turn those feelings into excitement and anticipation. HypnoBirthing is a complete birth education programme for you and your birth partner and together you will learn the basic knowledge of the physical process, also learning to be flexible and ‘going with the flow’ should the birth plan change and most of all you will learn how to be in control during the birth of your baby.

Three two hour sessions from 30 weeks will prepare you and your partner for the safe passage of your baby.

You will learn to use self-hypnosis to easily find that relaxed state as a way of reducing stress with CD’s and I’ll be on hand to facilitate some of the deeper work that may be necessary either in person, on the phone or Skype if for any reason you can’t make it to any of the clinics.

Reflexology & Hypnotherapy

These therapies complement each other throughout all stages of fertility, pregnancy and through to natural birth giving you a much deeper sense of relaxation throughout our sessions. After 38 weeks reflexology can be applied to help induce a ‘natural labour’, a much firmer pressure is used at this time stimulating the production of Oxytocin which may reduce the need for medical intervention. After baby is born reflexology is a great way to restore and rebalance hormones. Money saving packages can be tailor-made to suit all your needs. Home visits outside clinic times are also available for a small extra charge.

For more information call now on 07798694077 or email info@norahjanebrasington.com



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