Chronic Illness Relief Programme

There are many illness’s that can fit within that description and there has been much research into mindfulness- based therapies which may help you to recognise and discourage you from negative thoughts to prevent relapse that may be effective when used in addition to conventional treatments.

I teach you to be in the ‘now’ rather than stressing about upcoming medical treatments or operations so that you are fully living and reducing stress around the ‘what ifs’. I work with gentle techniques to help you come to terms with any emotional traumas or shocks that could have triggered any change in the body’s cells.

I understand that treatments are often cold, harsh and lonely so I teach you to use EFT (emotional freedom technique) and visualisations which can help you transform even the most difficult situations and life choices. I can help you release fear and negative thinking by offering you warmth and support when you need it most. These one-to-one sessions can take place at home or on Skype if you are too ill to travel.



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